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Ethical Hacking Training

It is a great achievement for us to train students in new fields and provide them the knowledge of latest technologies all around the world. So that they utilize their hidden talent and serve their country and nation.

Cyber security is a field rapidly growing throughout the years. We are offering this course so you can learn the tools and trick used for hacking for the purpose of cyber security. You will find this course covering the basics of hacking which can help in securing the cyber space. Students interested in information security will find this course helpful.


Training Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    • What is ethical hacking?
    • Why is ethical hacking necessary?
    • Future Prospects.

  2. Penetration Testing:
    • What is Penetration Testing?

  3. Pre-engagement Phase:
    • Planning
    • Preparation

  4. Information Gathering:
    • Nmap
    • Nslookup(For web etc)
    • Fierce Tool

  5. Network Sniffing:
    • TcpDump
    • Wireshark

  6. Vulnerability Analysis:
    • Manual
    • Automatic

  7. Password Cracking:
    • Online password cracking
    • Offline password cracking

  8. System Hacking:
    • Windows System Hacking
    • Linux System Hacking
    • Local and remote hacking

  9. Wi-Fi Hacking:
    • Aircrack-ng
    • airmon-ng

  10. Exploitation:
    • Use metasploit

  11. Android Hacking:
    • Use MsfPayload

  12. Web Hacking:
    • Sql injection
    • Blind Sql injection
    • XSS(reflected)
    • Sqlmap

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