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Android Development Training

There is no second opinion about the fact that Smartphones have brought about a revolution. Now a days you will find apps on everything. This is why you should apply for app development classes at the earliest.

People are using the Smartphones as gateway to banking and healthcare services. It might be a surprise for you, but Android holds eighty-five percent share of the Smartphone market. This is why the android course is a dire need of today. There are about 1 billion Android devices in the market today. It is shaping the way we interact so awareness and knowledge is must.

Android Development

Training Course Stages

  1. Stage 1:
  2. When you opt for an android developer course it will first introduce you to the basics. The first and foremost question that an android course has to address is what is Android? You will be given in depth insight in this regard. This is a very important step and will lay the foundation of the course. Once you have grasped the basic concepts then you will be moved to the next step and that is explaining the basic Android architecture.

  3. Stage 2:
  4. The Unit debugging and the unit testing is an important aspect of android app development training. We will teach you to create unit tests in this stage of the course. Another important part is to understand Android Development Tools in this stage. You will get the relevant knowledge in this regard. You will learn to analyze the heap and use the emulator in this stage of the course. Next you move onto stage 3 of the android developer certification course.

  5. Stage 3:
  6. When you reach this phase of android developer training then you will introduced to Android user interface. You will learn the art of viewing the hierarchy. At this point you will also learn the segments and the menus. No course is complete without the lab work. We strongly feel that it is important to implement and practice your learning. You will be given the opportunity to test your learning through the lab work.

  7. Stage 4:
  8. This stage of android development training will introduce you to the styling widgets. You will learn to define the styles and apply styles to UI. This course will also unveil platform themes. Next we will move to the layout in android certification course. You will get to learn about the layout containers and Layout Techniques Handling Events. Advanced widgets, storage and retrieval of data are other crucial aspects to which you will be introduced. This app developer course will also explain asynchronous task, content providers, Web View and Location Maps.

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